• Sprayway - 66c Spray Adhesive

SW366 Spray Adhesive - Sprayway SW66C/SW366


The Sprayway Spray Adhesive has many useful applications in the industrial sewing machine industry. Industry experts can attest to its usefulness, especially when taking into consideration the following features:

For the art studio, print, picture framing, screen print, or signs/display shop, sewing trades personnel, woodworkers, and office and industrial settings.
Prevents paper patterns and stencils from shifting.
Quick or long tack for temporary or permanent bonds.
Non-wrinkling, repositionable, and water-resistant. It also does not stain after application.
Ideal for quick layouts and paste-ups.

 Las Vegas Sewing Machine has included the Sprayway Spray Adhesive as part of its line of sprays and adhesives products, which can be purchased at an affordable price on its online store. Order yours today! Learn more about it by sending us an inquiry on our Contact Us page.