• Single strip LED light

NEW BRAIN LED-1LINE LED Light Single Strip with Magnet (2-PACK)


NEW BRAIN LED 1-line light with magnet.

Provides user with a clean light that will not cause fatigue in eyes, and produces zero to very low heat compared to the old style gooseneck lamp that requires the use of regular or fluorescent light bulbs that still give off a lot of heat making it annoying for working on projects that require more time, and a light quality that . With its small and inconspicuous design it gives your machine a very clean look as well.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low heat production from prolonged use
  • Life of approximately 40,000 hrs.
  • If 1 Led ever goes out the remaining stay functional and still provide ample lighting for sewing.
  • Magnetic strip to mount on any flatbed sewing machine
  • Easy installation