KSC Mini Handheld Cutter (Japan)


No cutting room would be complete without the KM KSC-500 Hand Held Cutter. This lightweight and handy cutter type is suitable for custom cutting. It can also do curved cutting. The cutter works best for small and strategic custom cuts. Cutting room workers do not have to sharpen the cutter beause the KM KSC-500 comes with a built-in automatic sharpener.
Product Details:
The KM KSC-500 Hand Held Cutter comes with a power supply for 1P-110V or 220-230V.
The cutters exact measurement 50 mm diameter hexagonal.
The KM KSC-500 weighs 1.070g.
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Model KSC-500 Standard
Power supply 1P-110V 
Knife 50mm Dia. Hexagonal
Weight 1,070g
Model KSC-600 High Power for Heavy Materials
Power supply 1P-110V
Knife 50mm Dia. Hexagonal
Weight 1,170g