Leather and Technical Textiles

Animal skins have been made into leather for thousands of years. Leather was first used as clothing and in living quarters to ward off cold and other outside influences. Most of the leather made in the world today is used to produce footwear, but the hard-wearing material is also employed in the automotive and furniture industries.

The processing of technical textiles – that is, all textile-based products made primarily for their technical and functional properties and not for aesthetic or decorative purposes – has played a role in the textile world for only a few decades. The special requirements of this sector, such as the sewing of special materials or material combinations, also place high demands on production.

Sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert provide many benefits when working with leather and technical textiles. Different cutting and cloth points, special application needles tailored to need, and innovative manufacturing methods lead to high reliability and flawless sewing results.