Designation of Sewing Machine Needles

Designation of Sewing Machine Needles by Groz-Beckert®

To distinguish the different sewing machine needles, each needle has its specific designation. This designation consists of 3 or 4 components: needle system, point style, needle size and, were required, coating:

Bsp:        134             FFG         GEBEDUR        Nm 100
            (system)    (point style)    (coating)        (needle size)

For a clear identification of a sewing machine needle, these 4 components must be known.

Needle system
The needle system stands for the basic features of the needle (shank diameter, length from butt to eye, number of grooves, point length) that determine in which machines the relevant needle fits.

The needle system can either consist of numbers (e.g. 134, 134-35) or of a combination of numbers and letters (e.g. UY 128 GAS, DBX1).

As the designation for one and the same needle can vary from producer to producer, the labels of Groz-Beckert also list foreign designations. Thus, the needles can be clearly identified and confusion is avoided.

Point style
Sewing needles are available in various point styles. This variety is needed to meet the requirements of different materials. Basically, point styles are divided into cloth points (round points) and cutting points.

Cutting point (left) and cloth point (right)

Cuttting points (left) cut the material.
They are mainly used for sewing leather.

Cloth points (right) displace the material (e.g loops). They are particularly suitable for knitwear and woven fabrics.

The standard point of a needle system is normally not indicated in the designation. This applies, for example, to the "R" point for all lockstitch needles and the "RG" point for all chain stitch needles.

Also for the point style, each sewing needle producer has an own designation. The "myGrozBeckert" app – available free of charge from the App Store – features a tool to identify the corresponding designations.

Needle size
The needle size is the diameter of the needle, measured directly above the scarf. Groz-Beckert indicates the needle size according to the numeric metric system (= Nm). The Nm value is the diameter multiplied by 100.

Besides the numeric system, there is also a system that indicates the needle size in numbers. It is mainly used in Asia. The "myGrozBeckert" app also offers a tool for the conversion of the two systems.

Standard sewing machine needles are generally chrome-plated. Besides this, there are also GEBEDUR® needles with titanium nitride coating with a significantly higher resistance to wear and point damage.

The standard coating is not mentioned in the needle designation. Only GEBEDUR® needles bear the relevant remark in their designation, as in the above example.

Chromium coated needles

GEBEDUR® coated needles